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The UK cover of The Pack

International News from Jason Starr

In advance of the film of Tough Luck, the novel was recently published for the first time in German (Dumm gelaufen, by Diogenes). Jason's books in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been bestsellers!

The first ever French edition of Tough Luck is coming from Denoel in late 2014.

Jason's Wolverine Max graphic novels have been major sellers throughout Europe. A film adapation of Lights Out is in development at Zadig Films in France.

International Book Covers

Jason's novels are published in many languages. His German book covers can be found here.

A sampling of foreign covers: (mouseover the image to see the publication country)

Spain United Kingdom United Kingdom
Japan Japan Poland Poland
France France Italy Italy


Cold Caller (No Exit Press)
Nothing Personal (No Exit Press)
Fake I.D. (No Exit Press)
Hard Feelings (No Exit Press)
Tough Luck (No Exit Press)
Twisted City (No Exit Press)
Lights Out (Orion)
The Follower (Orion)
The Pack (Penguin)
The Craving (Penguin)


Cold Caller (Top Job, Diogenes)
Nothing Personal (Die letzte Wette, Diogenes)
Fake ID (Ein Wirlich netter Typ, Diogenes)
Hard Feelings (Hard Feelings, Diogenes)
Tough Luck (Dumm gelaufen, Diogenes)
Twisted City (Twisted City, Diogenes)
Bust (Flop, Rotbuch)
Slide (Crack, Rotbuch)
The Max (Attica, Rotbuch)
Lights Out (Brooklyn Brothers, Diogenes)
The Follower (Stalking, Diogenes)
Panic Attack (Panik, Diogenes)


Cold Caller (Chiamate A Freddo, Meridiano Zero)
Fake I.D. (Piccoli delitti del cazzo, Meridiano Zero)
Nothing Personal (Niente di Personale, Meridiano Zero)
Hard Feelings (Cattivi pensieri a Manhattan, Meridiano Zero)
Bust (Doppio Complotto, Fanucci)


Cold Caller (Simple comme un coup de fil, Fleuve Noir)
Nothing Personal (Petits meurtres a Manhattan, Fleueve Noir)
Hard Feelings (Mauvais Karma: Rocher, Rivages)
Twisted City (La Ville Pliage: Rocher, Rivages)
Lights Out (Freres de Brooklyn: Rocher, Rivages)
Fake ID (Loser, Rivages)
The Follower (Harcele: Rocher, Rivages)
Panic Attack (Crises de Panique, Alphee)
Bust (Sombres Desseins, Seuil)
Tough Luck (coming late 2014 from Denoel)

JAPAN (Sony)

Cold Caller (Sony)
Nothing Personal (Sony)


Cold Caller(Televenta, Mondadori)
The Pack (La Jauria, Umbriel)
Panic Attack (Ataque de Panico, Umbriel)


Hard Feelings, (C&T)
Nothing Personal (C&T)
Tough Luck (C&T)
Cold Caller (C&T)
Fake I.D.(C&T)
Twisted City(C&T)
Lights Out(C&T)
The Follower(C&T)


Hard Feelings
Tough Luck
The Pack
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