Jason Starr
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Reviews & Blurbs

What Other Authors Are Saying

Lee Child: “Jason Starr is hypnotically good. Some of the best new writing there is.”

Bret Easton Ellis: “Jason Starr is the first writer of his generation to update the modern crime novel with provocative new spins.”

Laura Lippman: “Jason Starr is the real deal in a world where a lot of people are faking it.”

Michael Connelly:Panic Attack is the ultimate page turner... brilliantly blends psychological and physical suspense.”

Elmore Leonard:Lights Out has the New York sound, the energy, dialog that’s on the beat... Read it and you’ll go hunting for Jason Starr’s other books, I promise.”

Jeffery Deaver: “Jason Starr’s got a hip style and an ear for crackling dialogue. And he offers up characters are so real we’re sure we know them.”

Andrew Gross: “Fast moving, psychologically astute, and 100 percent chilling.”

Joseph Finder:The Follower puts Starr up there with some of the greats of psychological suspense.”

Ken Bruen: “Demonic, demented and truly ferocious and a flat out joy to read.”

George Pelecanos: “Jason Starr is the leader of the new noir movement.”

What Critics Are Saying:

Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times: “Starr has... a hard-edged style that is clean, cold and extremely chilling.”

Newsweek: “You can’t stop reading.”

The Guardian (London): “Starr’s writing is slick and his plotting is second to none.”

John Freeman, Time Out New York: “Jason Starr is such a polished writer that once you start reading it’s painful to tear yourself away.”

Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly: “A fine example of the tough stuff.”

Paul Goat Allen, Barnes & Noble Review: “Strap yourself in and prepare yourself for one helluva ride.”

Publishers Weekly: "Starr expertly combines elements of hard-boiled crime novels with a dark view of human nature to create a one-of-a-kind, mesmerizing read."

Bookreporter.com: “A pitch-perfect sense of storytelling that never fails to surprise.”

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