Jason Starr
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The Bully

a short film, based on the short story by Jason Starr.
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The Bully 13 year old Jonathan Turner is overweight, has no friends and finds himself the victim of the school bully. The principal and teachers can't seem to do anything to protect Jonathan, so he turns to his father for help. But his father's advice makes matters worse. Much, much worse...

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Film Facts

The Bully was filmed in Australia by Smoking Gun Productions, with full production fund from the South Australian Film Corporation. Based on the short story by Jason Starr, it was written and directed by Shane McNeil.


The Bully won the 2009 EnhanceTV ATOM Award for Best Short Fiction Film.
At the 2009 Adelaide Film Festival, Henri Phillips won the award for Best Actor.
In 2010, The Bully had its North American debut at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.
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