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New Kindle editions of Tough Luck, Twisted City and Hard Feelings now just 2.99!


Note from Jason

April, 2014

I'm thrilled to announce that new Kindle editions of my novels TWISTED CITY, HARD FEELINGS, and TOUGH LUCK are now available for just 2.99! If you haven't read my books, this is a great time to try them out. Ed Brubaker (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) wrote a new introduction for TWISTED CITY, Ken Bruen (The Guards, Bust) wrote a new introduction for HARD FEELINGS, and Wallace Stroby (Shoot the Woman First) wrote a new introduction for TOUGH LUCK!

Check out my comics page for more about my new original comic series, THE RETURNING. Andrea Mutti is doing the art and issue 2 of the 4 issue monthly mini series has just come out. It's from Boom Comics and we're thrilled that it's been getting some great reviews.

I recently completed my new novel. It's a standalone thriller set in Westchester, New York. My wonderful new literary agent, Janet Reid, and I are very excited about it. More news on this very soon!

In comics news, I've been working on the aforementioned THE RETURNING, a thriller about a near death experiences, for Boom Studios. Wolverine Max: Vegas is now available at bookstores everywhere from Marvel Comics (the first two volumes Wolverine Max: Permanent Rage and Wolverine Max: Escape to L.A. are also on sale!

Several of my film/tv projects are heading toward production, including TOUGH LUCK, to be directed by Michael Rapaport, TWISTED CITY, directed by John David Coles, and COLD CALLER, directed by Clayton Jacobson. A new cable TV show, based on my novel THE FOLLOWER, is also moving ahead, produced by Lionsgate and adapted by Bret Easton Ellis. LIGHTS OUT is in development as a feature film by Zadig Films in France. I wrote the screenplays for Tough Luck and Cold Caller.

In foreign news, Volume One of Wolverine Max (Permanent Rage) and Volume Two (Escape to L.A.) are on sale in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Brazil. The German edition of Tough Luck (Dumm gelaufen, Diogenes) will be published in paperback in the spring. Also, I have just signed a deal for a French edition of Tough Luck, which means all of my crime novels are now in print in France.

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The premium mass market edition of The Craving, sequel to the bestselling The Pack  is on sale now! 

Dumm gelaufen (Tough Luck) on sale in Germany!

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Punisher Max
Jason recently completed a bestselling 3-arc, 15-issue run on Wolverine Max for Marvel comics. The collected volumes of Wolverine Max are on sale at all bookstores and comics shops. His next comic is The Returning for Boom Studios!